Types of Essay

Narrative Essay

Narrative essays tell stories. So, putting together a good narrative essay would require more simple wordings. For such essays, one must employ their expressive powers well enough to be able to paint a clear picture for the readers so that they can actually see rather than read about a scene or a character in their own mind’s eye.

You do not have to worry about how to write a narrative essay. It is just like telling someone a story, but here the challenge is to be able to draw the person into your story and to get the readers to feel for the central characters.

A sample narrative essay topic is a topic like “My Trip to Historical Monument”. The key to writing a good narrative essay is to write on a topic that is close to your heart. This way you just have to translate your own emotions into the words you pen down.

While narrating your story, you must be able to make your point or the central theme of the essay clear to the reader.

In all narrative essays, the concluding paragraph has tremendous significance. This is where the writer must re­affirm his or her viewpoint in such a manner as to render a powerful impact on the reader.

Descriptive Essay

One of the most challenging forms of essay writing is writing descriptive essays. The best descriptive essays are those in which the writer knows and understands the subjects extremely well.

The writer must then find the right words to project his or her views and imagery onto the readers of his or her work. The writer’s choice of words has major importance because it would change the way, the reader visualises or feels for the central object of the essay

One can draw comparisons between objects to highlight the difference between the central object in the essay and others. A good and easy way to learn about different descriptive writing techniques is to read through such essays.

Students today have right of entry to many free descriptive essay resources and it would be worthwhile to go through example descriptive essay pieces available through various sources.

As with all types of essay writing, the writer’s choice of subject makes a big difference. For instance, if you choose to write about a place or event that really affected you emotionally, you will find it that much easier to describe.

Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay writing is all about being able to get the reader to see your viewpoint and to guide the reader to your way of thinking. Hence, it is advisable to choose ideas for persuasive essay topics on the basis of what subjects move you the most.

Since these essays require your motivation to be your driving force, you should make sure that you choose an essay that supports your own opinions on an issue.

While choosing persuasive essay topics, one must remember that the writers need to use their sense of reasoning effectively enough to convince the reader that their viewpoint is the correct one. Issues like diet, fashion, tradition, culture etc. can make excellent subjects for persuasive essays.

The goal of the persuasive essay-writer is to appeal to the reader’s sense of right and wrong in such a way as to convince the reader to ditch his or her own ideas.

This can only be achieved by presenting the reader with accurate facts and figures. Hence, researching the material is absolutely essential in the case of persuasive essays.

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays present one side of an argument. The goal here is to be as convincing as possible so that the reader is influenced into adopting your line of thought. For writing argumentative essays effectively, one must first be sure of his or her own point-of-view on a subject.

It can be really difficult to write an essay advocating a viewpoint that is not truly what you believe. Hence, it is advisable to pick a subject to write on that is not opposing to your own views and beliefs.

Equipping yourself with sufficient facts and figures is part of the job though. It is just as important to present the information you collect in such a way that it manages to impress and convince rather than bore the reader.

Argumentative essay topics can range from anything like it could be some major political issue to topics like The Role of Women in Modern-day Indian Society. Some examples of argumentative essays are, Global Warming, The Need for School Uniforms, etc.

It is absolutely imperative to work out an argumentative essay outline right at the start of such a project. This helps one organise his or her thoughts. This is really important because without an outline to guide you through, you run the risk of writing too much on one point and therefore neglecting to mention or inadequately expressing the others.